Bike Matterhorn

Gornergrat Sunset Ride

A tour that will give you goose bumps...not only because of the downhill run!

Bike Trail

Bike First Trail Experience

The Moostrail leads from Furi back to Zermatt. Depending on your physical condition, you can get to Furi by bike or by cable car.



Enduro Bike Tag

Enduro Bike Day

Experience the ease of biking during this Enduro day in the bike paradise of Zermatt. Great trails in a grandiose landscape.

Private Bike Guide

Private Bike Guide

Alone or in pairs, without pressure from outside and fully tailored to your needs. A private riding technique training can work wonders, reduce fears and take you a big step further on the trail!


Helibike Rothorn

With your bike and the helicopter the adventure begins. Once you arrive at the mountain landing site, an unforgettable ride down to the valley awaits you. On the way there are various opportunities to stop for a break and take photos.