Gornergletscher ZERMATTERS

Hike on the Gorner glacier

Anyone who undertakes a glacier hike on the second largest glacier in the Alpine region will experiences a unique world: there is always a cool wind blowing, the smell of icy cold is omnipresent.

ZERMATTERS - Hörnli Hütte

Hike to the Hörnli hut

Seeing the Matterhorn and its climbers up close, with a ZERMATTERS mountain guide is an unforgettable experience.

Gornergletscher Zermatt

Glacier hike to the Monte Rosa Hütte

Discover this milestone of high alpine construction, the Monte Rosa Hut, in an exposed location at 2'883 m.a.s.l., in the midst of an unspoilt and spectacular landscape between the Gorner, Grenz and Monte Rosa glaciers.


Dom hut

The hut is the central starting point for the ascent of seven 4'000 m peaks and offers a fantastic mountain scenery for mountaineers and alpine hikers.

ZERMATTERS Wandern 5 Seen Tour

Hike to the 5 lakes

The 5-lake trail is the hiking path of superlatives in the alpine world of Zermatt: the Matterhorn is reflected in three of these mountain lakes. The view of the many giants summits is unique and the hiking route is extremely varied.

ZERMATTERS Wanderangebot

The Lost Valley

The Lost Valley is a small, idyllic alluvial plain in the Findelntal above Zermatt. Nestled between the left moraine of the receding Findeln Glacier and the northern steep slope of the Stockhorn, it is an absolutely enchanting place.