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Hospitality has a long tradition at ZERMATTERS; in fact, our history goes back to as early as 1888.  Our ancestors, who were friends and classmates, who played tricks and pranks on their teachers, have made Zermatt what it is today.
Whether you are looking for an insider’s tip or expert advice, we are your perfect partner. We will make your experience at our village and its unique mountains as authentic as we locals know it. Our long and extensive experience in all types of outdoor activities make us your perfect companion, 365 days of the year—whether in summer or in winter, and with every kind of sporting equipment!

However, we ZERMATTERS are not "only" guides and snow sports instructors: we are also sports shop assistants, ski service professionals, hut keepers, restaurateurs, hotel managers, helicopter pilots, mountain rescuers, professional athletes, and much more—and it is all of these people that make ZERMATTERS so unique.

ZERMATTERS—people like you and me. This is who we are: we love and live this mountain village.
Be part of our world—be a part of ZERMATTERS!

Your adventure is our mission.
Be a part of ZERMATTERS.