Summit tours

Lyskam Zermatt


The huge ridge, several kilometres long, has its highest points in the east (4'533 m a.s.l.) and in the lower west peak (4'479 m a.s.l).

Breithorn Zermatters


Fulfill your dream to climb your the first four-thousand-meter peak! See the world from above, the view over 37 four-thousand-meter peaks - unique and unforgettable! On the Breithorn Normal route, this dream is also possible for beginners and in all season!

Zermatters Matterhorn


The Matterhorn is with 4'478 m a.s.l. one of the highest mountains of the Alps. Because of its striking shape and its climbing history, the Matterhorn is one of the most famous mountains in the world.

Pollux und Castor

Castor oder Pollux

Take the cable car up to Klein Matterhorn at 3'800 m a.s.l. early in the morning, climb a 4'000 m peak and finish your mountain tour in the afternoon with a cold drink in the village wearing shorts! This is Pollux and Castor!

Dufourspitze mit Zermatters


The Dufourspitze in the Valais Alps is with its 4'634 m a.s.l. the highest peak in Switzerland and in  the entire German-speaking area.  It is the second highest peak of the Alps and physically very demanding.




At 4'545 m a.s.l, the Dom is the highest mountain that lies entirely on Swiss ground. This majestic mountain belongs to the Mischabel group. The starting point for this tour is the Domhütte at 2'940 m a.s.l.



The summit of the Zinalrothorn (4'221 m a.s.l.) rises diagonally into the landscape and is therefore unmistakable.
The ascent to the summit over the Rothorn ridge is considered one of the most beautiful rock climbs in the area of Zermatt.

Rimpfischhorn mit Bergführer


The Rimpfischhorn (4'199 m a.s.l.) is visible from afar because of its unique shape.
This beautiful mixed tour leads from the Fluhalp hut to the summit over the south-east ridge.

Weisshorn Bergführer


The Weisshorn is the secret star among the 4'000 m in the area of Zermatt. Its shape of isosceles triangle is fascinating. For alpinists, the mountain is a great challenge.

Alphubel Zermatt


The Alphubel (4'206 m above sea level) is one of the easier 4000 m summit to climb, however it requires good physical conditions and endurance. The starting point is the Täsch hut.


Alpine Tour Alphubel (Stufe 3)

We climb the striking Alphubel - with its large summit plateau - from the Täsch side. This tour is suitable for fit mountaineers. It is well worth it! Descent via Täschalp to Täsch

Gabelhorn Zermatt

Ober Gabelhorn

The Ober Gabelhorn ( 4’063 m a.s.l..) is a 4'000 m peak in the Valais Alps. It is a combined and difficult high tour, starting point for the ascent is the Rothornütte.



The Nordend (4'609 m a.s.l.), the secondary peak of the Dufourspitze in the massif of Monte Rosa, impresses with its massive appearance. The Nordend is mostly accessed via the Monte Rosa hut. The normal route leads from the Silbersattel (4'515 m a.s.l.) over the south ridge to the summit.



As 2 day tour traversing the Alpbhubel, overnight stay in Mischabeljoch bivouac

Dent Blanche Zermatters

Dent Blanche

The Dent Blanche, is really as white as her name suggests, only in winter. Its flanks are mostly rock. The Dent Blanche rises at 4'357 m a.s.l. into the sky of Zermatt. It owes its name to its characteristic pointed shape.