Technically focused - Carv

We are the first ski school in the world to develop an intensive technical course using Carv as a digital measurable aid. Our ski instructors are specially trained to deliver these courses. Carv is the first digital tool that supports skiers and ski instructors during teaching and makes progress measurable.

Using a digital application, a ski boot insole with 36 attached pressure sensors and a motion sensor, Carv enables ski instructors to analyse movements in intricate detail. The data is processed 25 times per second and transmitted via the app in real time.

Your ZERMATTERS ski instructor analyses your data and uses it to help develop your technique with targeted exercises.

Incorporating Carv into our skiing lessons means that every participant can measure their progress. This combination of a ski instructor and the Carv app is something you won't find anywhere else in the world! We’re confident that you’ll make the progress you're aiming for in no time at all.

Carv First Try

Carv First Try

Our intensive, technique-based course will help you better understand how different movements fit together and how to use your upper body and arms in a targeted way. This will enable you to carry on working towards your goals even after the course has finished. The Carv app makes it possible for all participants to measure and follow their progress.

Carv Pro

Carv Pro for experienced Carv users

Have you used Carv before and want to work on specific aspects of your technique and improve your Ski:IQ? Your ZERMATTERS ski instructor will help you meet and exceed your own personal targets.