Kids Bike League

The Kids Bike League, the summer offer of the Swiss ski schools! In the Kids Bike League, experienced mountain bike guides introduce children to the fascination of mountain biking in a playful way. Year after year, their skills are trained and improved, analogous to the winter programme Swiss Snow League.

How does the Kids Bike League work?

The Kids Bike League is divided into three progressive levels: Marmot (3-4 years old), Chamois (5-7 years old) and Ibex (8-12 years old). In each level, the children learn to use their bike according to their age and abilities.


Kids Bike league "Marmott"

The "Marmott" level is the first level of the Kids Bike League. Step by step, you will learn to familiarise yourself with your bike and master it in a playful way with various exercises. Your bike will become your best friend!



Kids Bike League "Chamois"

The "Chamois" level is the second level of the Kids Bike League. Like a chamois, you learn to move on loose surfaces and overcome obstacles to improve your coordination and balance. Your bike will become your best friend!



Kids Bike League - Ibex

The "Ibex" level is the third level of the Kids Bike League. Like an ibex, the king of the mountains, you improve your skills on medium-difficulty trails and take your technical skills to the next level. You will learn to master medium steep sections, practice jumps and drops and train your balance so that you can accompany your parents on their bike tours.