Your perfect heliskiday with a private mountain guide or in a group

The crowning adventure

To feel for once like a king or a queen? Heliskiing in Zermatt makes it possible. In small groups, it's a breathtaking helicopter ride up the mountain at royal heights up to 4,000 meters above sea level. The flight goes very close to the most beautiful mountain in the Swiss Alps, the Matterhorn.
Once at the summit, you will find a snowy mountain range at your feet.

The culmination of the experience, however, is the descent. On pristine, feather-light powder snow and firn over high-alpine glaciers in the midst of a fascinating 4000-meter backdrop. Freeriding - for many it is the supreme discipline of the Alps. Falling down steep slopes and making your tracks in the finest powder snow is a feeling that you must have experienced yourself. Heliskiing in Zermatt makes two of your dreams come true.

Simply unforgettable!

Heliski Zermatt

Your perfect heliski day also possible in a group

The ultimate highlight during your skiing holiday is to take off with the helicopter, at heights of up to 4,000 meters above sea level ... When you arrive at the mountain landing site, a snow covered untouched mountain region lies at your feet. The crowning glory is the breathtaking descent, just you and your track ... unique, unforgettable!

Your ZERMATTERS mountain guide knows where the best snow lies and decides where the adventure takes place.

Your perfect heliski day

  • Meeting with your mountain guide at the scheduled time at the heliport of the Air Zermatt 
  • Followed by a helicopter flight to the mountain landing site where the snow is the best
  • From there, you start the descent back to Zermatt
  • After approx. 3 - 4 hours you are back in Zermatt

With a private mountain guide:

  • CHF 1'410.00 (incl. helicopter flight) for 1 person
  • CHF 1'450.00 (incl. helicopter flight) for 2 people
  • CHF 1'630.00 (incl. helicopter flight) for 3 people
  • CHF 1'880.00 (incl. helicopter flight) for 4 people
  • CHF 2'350.00 (incl. helicopter flight) for 5 people
  • CHF 2'820.00 (incl. helicopter flight) for 6 people

In a group:

  • from CHF 470.00 per person (incl. helicopter flight) minimum 4 people, maximum 6 people
Additional costs:
  • Lunch (optional)
  • Rental freeride equipment: From CHF 60.00 per day, available in a sports shop in Zermatt
  • Rental safety equipment: Avalanche transceiver (LVS), shovel, probe, airbag, climbing harness can be picked up from our office for CHF 40.00 (per person) from 05:00 p.m. the day before.
  • The rented equipment has to be returned to our office after the tour at the latest by 05:00 p.m.
Execution or cancellation:

Click here for our general terms and conditions

Decision of the definitive execution 2 days before of the tour


Please find the equipment list here


Insurance is the responsibility of the participant (accident and evacuation insurance)

Important !!!

Please contact us 2-3 days in advance by phone or directly in our ZERMATTERS office to ask about the conditions and to discuss the last details.

With a private mountain guide for 1-2 people
With a private mountain guide for 3-4 people
With a private mountain guide for 5-6 people
In a group (minimum 4 persons) CHF 470.00 per person

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