The uncrowned queen of the Mischabel group

Täschhorn 4'491 m. a.s.l.

Ice and rock tour

The Täschhorn belongs to the Mischabel massif and is one of the difficult 4'000m peaks of the Valais.

The first ascent of the Täschhorn was made on 30 July 1862 by Stefan and Johannes Zumtaugwald, J. Llewelyn Davies, J.W. Hayward and Peter-Josef Summermatter via the NW flank (Kin flank) directly from Randa.

We lead the tour in two stages with an extra night in the Mischabeljoch bivouac. On the 1st day we climb the Alphubel from the Täschhütte and then traverse to the Mischabeljoch bivouac. On the 2nd day the Täschhorn is climbed from the Mischabeljoch bivouac.

On request the ascent of the Täschhorn or the crossing of the Dom directly from the Täsch hut is possible.

Täschhorn 4'491 m

As 2 days tour through Alphubel, overnight stay at the Mischabeljoch bivouak


2 jours

Best period:

Daily from mid-July to mid- September (depending on the conditions)

Number of participants:

1  person (maximum)

  • You will make your own way from Täsch to the Täschalp, where you will meet your private mountain guide
  • Dinner and overnight stay at the Täschalp
  • At about 04:00 a.m. start of the tour with your private mountain guide to the Alphubel
  • Ascent: about 5 hours
  • Descent to the Mischabeljoch bivouac: about 1 hour
  • Overnight stay at the Mischabeljoch bivouac (you will have to take your own food with you)
  • At about 04:00 a.m. (depending on the season) departure direction Täschhorn (Ascent about 3-4 hours)
  • Descent to the Täsch hut about 6 hours
  • From the hut you will make your own way back to Täsch.
Difficulty level:

Technical level: +++++

Endurance level: *****

Requirements table

Very demanding and long alpine tour!

You will need to be very well acclimatized and have good endurance for this demanding peak. You must also have experience in climbing other 4’000 meter peaks and have experience climbing with crampons. Alpine climbing in levels 3 to 4 should not be a problem for you.


With a private mountain guide

  • CHF 1'905.00 for 1 person  (or on demand)

A deposit of CHF 100.00 per person (included in this price) for all the 2-days tours will be required. This amount is non-refundable (even if you cancel the tour early or if the weather on the day is bad and the tour cannot be postponed).

Additional costs:
  • Overnight stay and half board at the Täsch hut CHF 89.00 per person
  • Overnight stay at the Mischabeljoch bivouac: CHF 32.00 per person
  • Return train journey Zermatt-Täsch: CHF 16.40
  • Rental equipment: between CHF 50.00 and CHF 70.00 available in a sport shop in Zermatt
Execution or cancellation:

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Please find the equipment list here


The ascent of the Täschhorn is a demanding high altitude climb. Please inform us when you book which other 4’000 meters peaks you have climbed and what other alpine experience you have (Kilimanjaro and Mont Blanc are non comparable, as they are not rock climbs).

We strongly recommend a training climb with a mountain guide. The preparation tours can also be done in a group, if another person has registered for it.


Insurance is the responsibility of the participant (accident and evacuation insurance)


Please contact us 2-3 days in advance by phone or directly in our ZERMATTERS office to ask about the conditions and to discuss the last details.

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